Dr Victor Sagoo
Dr Victor Sagoo - Cosmetic Doctor

Birmingham Wart, Verruca and Fungal Clinic

The Birmingham wart, verruca and fungal clinic has been set up by Dr Sagoo one of the leading cosmetic doctors in the UK, to treat and remove common warts verruca’s and fungal nail infections, using the latest in electrosurgical and laser technology.

Warts are very common, with an incidence of approximately 10% in children and young adults. An estimated 4 million patient visits were recorded in 1982 for warts. Approximately 70% of these patients were between 10 and 39 years of age, and 50% presented to a dermatologist.

Peak incidence occurs between the ages of 12 and 16 years. Warts often cause pain and may interfere with function. These complications, along with cosmetic embarrassment and risk of spreading to other areas of the skin, are indications for treatment, which can be challenging. Effective therapy must provide reduction in pain and improvement in quality of life. Above all people find warts unsightly and ugly in appearance and try many ways to remove often without results. Unfortunately the NHS does not fund the removal of common warts and verruca’s anymore and after trying over the counter preparations with little success people are left with these viral infections they then have to live with.

At the Birmingham Wart, Verruca and Fungal clinic under the supervision of lead cosmetic doctor Dr Sagoo, we use a variety of different methods to remove the warts and verruca’s, ranging from cryotherapy; using liquid nitrogen spray to kill the virus, which causes the wart to shave excision and diathermy (cutting and burning the skin lesion) to using advanced long pulsed Nd YAG laser treatment, which deprives the wart of a blood supply by firing shots of the laser and results in the wart diminishing and dropping off.