About Dr Sagoo

Dr SagooDr Sagoo is a well established local Solihull GP who is the senior partner of a general practice of 10 000 patients. He is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. He qualified at the University of Wales, College of Medicine in 1992 and also trained at the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, California.
He has treated thousands of clients from the UK and abroad over the last 7 years and his clinic has become one of the leading doctor led medical cosmetic clinics in the UK.

As well as being a GP, he has extensive experience in dermatology and cosmetic procedures, especially the use of lasers in cosmetic dermatology. He has used several lasers and has worked and trained under well respected consultant dermatologists in the laser field at the Birmingham Skin Hospital.
Dr Sagoo undertook his training in Harley Street for injectable wrinkle treatments such as Botox under leading plastic surgeons. He has written articles for ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine about women’s health and has featured in ‘Eve’ magazine, having treated the Cosmetic Health editor in 3D Rejuvenation. Dr Sagoo is also the first doctor in the UK to offer a new non-abrasive skin resurfacing laser treatment featured in the ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper in late 2007. Dr Sagoo also acts as consultant cosmetic doctor to several Solihull beauty salons. As well as cosmetic treatments Dr Sagoo has a keen interest in treating medical conditions such as hair associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome, skin damage, Asian and black skin. He runs the only cosmetic Rosacea clinic in the UK and sees clients from far and wide and receives referrals from GPs and hospitals.

“I feel so comfortable in the hands of Dr. Sagoo, as well as a cosmetic doctor he is also a GP and aware of all my medical problems, he is an expert in cosmetic treatments and very experienced and very easy to talk and listen to “
KK Birmingham

Dr Sagoo has extensive experience in cosmetic procedures, laser experience, dermatology experience and is also a GP, therefore enabling the clinic to offer a whole range of medical cosmetic treatments to the highest possible standard.

The clinic named the Birmingham Wart and Fungal Clinic is registered at 20 Chelmsley Lane, Marston Green, Birmingham B37 7BG. The medical director of the clinic and lead cosmetic doctor is Dr. Victor Sagoo. The clinic has a small team to maintain that personal approach.

The staff of the clinic include Dr. Victor Sagoo, medical director an advanced aesthetician practitioner and the clinic receptionist and secretary. Our aesthetician has been personally taught in cosmetic procedures by Dr. Sagoo and has attended several cosmetic training courses, qualifying her to carry out the cosmetic procedures.

The clinic offers the complete range of non surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments at the forefront of the latest in cosmetic technology for fungal nail and wart/verrucae removals.

Our Mission

The mission of Dr. Sagoo and the Birmingham Wart and Fungal Clinic is to pursue excellence in the learning and delivery of cosmetic treatments with the cosmetic client at the centre of decision making and informed choice process. We aim to provide the latest evidence based approved cosmetic treatments in a highly professional unhurried unpressurised environment with quality of service paramount at all times. We aim to be one of the leading cosmetic clinics in the UK and purveying our knowledge and treatments to the utmost standard and keeping clients well informed throughout.

Dr Victor Sagoo
Dr. Sagoo open evening to over 100 audience

Dr Sagoo in the Media

Dr Sagoo has appeared in many magazines, newspapers and TV programmes offering his expert advice on cosmetic enhancement. Here are a few examples to illustrate this point…